Several city residents have expressed concern to the newspaper that storm debris clean up is not going as fast or efficiently as possible.

If any one has any doubt that debris is not being picked up, all they have to do is take a drive down Dupont street, west of the Burlington Northern Railroad tracks and see the gi-normous heap of tree limbs and even cut-up tree trunks filling that area.

As of today, the “first pass” should be completed throughout the entire city. This does not mean that contract workers have picked up every pile on every street. The first pass was aimed at larger debris items and the contractor utilize their heaviest, bulkiest equipment to do so. (If you haven’t seen the large red tractor-driven, double-trailer piece of equipment around town, then it’s probably because you live in an area of town where it can not maneuver. If you have seen it and noticed that they are not picking up all the limbs, it’s due to the size of the load.)

Now that the large debris has been picked up, Assistant City Manager Matt Mueller told the Progress, the second and third passes will begin.

REOP, Inc., the debris clean-up company, will use smaller equipment and should be able to pick up most of the debris in every neighborhood.

The second pass is slated for completion around March 11.

A third and final pass will be made and should be completed by March 15.

So, make sure limbs are on the curb and waiting.