Will Rogers once quipped that if you put gold at the top of the economy, it will float there. Apparently some people think Rogers was serious when he said it.

His coffers now stuffed with cash from the rich and powerful, term-limited Rep. Todd Hiett, who in the past has lambasted professional politicians, is running for lieutenant governor. With boat loads of campaign money from the corporations he managed to save millions through tax cuts, he is smothering television with syrupy verbosity about his rural, church-going upbringing, and love for the land. (His daddy’s land.)

Hiett extols his accomplishments in gaining tax cuts (all by himself), but he omits the fact that the main beneficiaries of his tax cuts are the people who are stuffing his coffers.

Although Hiett has not publicly endorsed TABOR, the out-of-state sponsored measure that would further benefit the wealthiest Oklahoma citizens and corporations, his support has assured its place on the ballot next fall.

With the tax cuts in place, TABOR would go along with SQ 620 in assuring that the Oklahoma legislature would never ever again have the power to implement a tax. Stupid idea? Of course it is. We may as well dismiss the legislature and lock the state capitol.

These yahoos are still convinced that as long as we have super rich, their lavish lifestyles will spread the wealth around, and some of it surely will trickle down to the peasantry. That was the plan in place when the stock market crashed in 1929, and prompted Will’s remark about “floating gold.”

The most obvious and convincing argument against this “trickle down” theory is provided by none other than Mother Nature.

The natural growth of all life on our planet starts at the bottom — in the ground — and grows upward, adding to its value as its ascends to its assigned vertex. That’s not macroeconomics, it’s not Reaganomics, it’s not voo-doo economics. That’s God’s plan.

Everything you touch, use or even see today at one time came from the ground. As it grew, and matured, it was harvested, or mined, remolded or refined, into food and materials necessary or desired by us humans.

Nothing we know of starts at the top, and adds value as it descends. That’s “trickle-down economics,”advocated by Ronald Reagan and the neocons of today who control the Republican party. The thesis is that by adding to the treasure of the wealthy, portions of the treasure will trickle down to the middle classes and even the poor.

What is so unbelievable about the balderdash is that so many of the middle class and poor believe it.

Economist John Kenneth Galbraith once explained the trickle down theory perspicuously: “ ... If you feed enough oats to a horse some will pass through to feed the sparrows.”

Todd Hiett should be returned to the land he loves over at Kellyville. TABOR needs to be treated as it was in Colorado and soundly defeated. Trickle down economics needs to be fed to the sparrows.

The old curmudgeon

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