The value of good mothers can never be overestimated.

Recent news that a child died in our community, possibly without the full knowledge and understanding of a loving parent, underlines the need for more emphasis on the value of mothers when it comes to sustaining not only life, but quality of life in our communities. Mothers provide the first touches of love and compassion, nourishment and discipline. Children who fail to receive those first caresses, those first kisses, begin life with a deficit in their soul that no amount of money will ever balance, a void that seems to never be filled.

Mothers to be, mothers who are, and mothers of mothers must know the role they have taken on, whether in surprise, joy or sadness, must not be discounted. You are the most important, the most critically necessary component in bringing about change for good in the world. Embrace motherhood, because the love or the lack thereof which your child receives from you will certainly be multiplied within the generations to come.

Charlene Harrell, a Progress correspondent and mother and grandmother, understands the longlasting impact of a mother’s love. She found a poem she stashed away years ago for such an occasion as this most recent Mother’s Day. The poem was written by her friend and lady-Inolan Betty J. Tankersley.

We are glad to share it with you ...

“Mother’s Day Memories”

Mother’s day is a special time

To traverse the miles and years,

To be again at the old home place,

Where the beauty of memory appears.

The home sounds beckon to the heart

The laughter and fun we knew

The dreams we shared with each other

When busy days were through.

The heart remembers the little things

When memory starts to glow,

The treasured days of our childhood,

The sweet scenes of long ago.

Family ties seem stronger

On the special days we share,

The memories of times gone by

And of mother’s love and care.

You knew she was always willing

To share her loving heart

With each child in her keeping

For each one was a special part.

The little things she taught us

Stays with us day by day

To love God and His handiwork,

To seek to walk His way.

To be a friend to others,

To cherish the loving heart,

For these are things to treasure —

Things that are set apart.

And when my thoughts return again

To those days of long ago,

I whisper, “Happy Mother’s Day”

Because I loved her so.

Betty J. Tankersley

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