Harry Powers, who recently died, left his mark on Claremore. Powers, who served as mayor for a number of years, was instrumental in a number of civic improvements for the city and was honored by the baseball complex being named for him.

Powers was a happy warrior. He practiced the old-fashioned kind of politics telling citizens what he wanted to do, not how bad was his opponent.

Powers’ public service was not limited to elected office. He served in World War II in the Pacific with the Navy. Later he was active with both the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, serving in leadership positions with the VFW.

While Harry Powers will best be remembered for being mayor of Claremore and for championing several important projects, his civic involvement was more than just that of city politics. Harry Powers was a proud veteran. Any time there was a gathering of veterans, he was present and served in a variety of leadership positions in local veterans organizations. After leaving politics, he continued supporting the city any time and in any way that he could.

Harry Powers left his mark on our community. We’re better off for it.