It’s been said that one person can make a difference.

In Tuesday’s Claremore school bond election, at least 1,598 people deserve that recognition. That is the number of voters, out of 12,551 registered voters, who took the time to cast a ballot in favor of the $42.645 million building project for the school district.

Thank you! Thanks to this small minority for understanding that this landmark bond issue was, is and will continue to be about more than bond money and school buildings.

It’s about rising to the challenge of recognizing the needs of the greater community of Claremore, a community not bounded by city limits. A wonderful community where families choose to raise their children, where senior adults choose to retire, where young people and old people alike can choose education, work, health care and quality of life.

It’s about awakening from complacency and realizing if Claremore’s future is to remain viable it requires an active leadership stance — one that weighs the risks, makes a decision and moves forward. Tuesday’s vote was an affirmation of the first of several such decisions that need to be made by this community if it is to grow and continue to be one of the outstanding communities of northeast Oklahoma.

Yes, the decision makers in this election were the minority. Some will say, the mass majority do not support this move. They may be right. But, democracy and progress have never been governed by a rule of the majority. Democracy and progress are ruled by the majority who care enough to make a difference.

It’s good to know we live in a community with at least a handful of people who believe enough in themselves and in the future that they stepped up and did what needed to be done for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Thank you.

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