Tribute to Pelco Structural's Phil Albert.

In five short years the landscape of Claremore and Rogers County has been transformed for the better.

When Phil Albert and Phil Parduhn of Pelco Products decided to open a plant in Claremore it was a strategic move that now impacts more than 100 families and reaches across North America.

Pelco Structural became a reality and now is a national leaders in building customized poles that hold traffic lights and carry electrical and power lines. Utilizing the ingenuity of Pelco’s founder Parduhn, who is based in Edmond, Albert and Pelco Structural has grown as a business from the very beginning.

Last month Albert announced at the Claremore-based company’s fifth anniversary birthday event that Pelco Structural had formed a new alliance that will allow it to expand its workforce by as many as 50 employees. It also will allow Pelco to extend its reach into Canadian markets.

The progressive perspective and forward thinking of Albert has brought Pelco Structural to the forefront of its industry. Claremore and Rogers County are known across the country because of Pelco’s efficiency, dependability and ability to bring solutions to new challenges with creative and stable products.

Pelco’s reputation is something to be proud of in Claremore and Rogers County. The values and character of the company has its root with its president. Albert is someone that thinks creatively. His solid business sense has made Pelco a company that sets an example of what companies should follow.

Not only is Pelco a national leader, it has truly impacted its community by encouraging its employees to be involved in their church, local non-profits organization and community events. Pelco employees are not only encouraged but they follow in the foot steps of their leader, Albert. And though his name is not always found in the headlines of community initiatives, he can be found behind the scenes. His wise counsel to the groups he is a member of is priceless.

When the city was in need of new lights at Powers Park, Albert stepped up and provided the poles and lights at no cost so boys and girls would have a well-lit place to play ball at night. Claremore officials honored Albert with naming one of the fields as Pelco Field.

Through a conversation Albert discovered that Rogers State University’s baseball and softball teams could only have day games. When RSU Athletic Director Wren Baker mentioned the field needed lights, Albert’s response was “how many do you need?” In a short time Pelco met the need.

Albert is an unassuming man. His actions speak much louder than any words.

He has created a family-climate at Pelco Structural and his has brought to our community as company that not only takes care of each other, but looks for ways to make Claremore and Rogers County better and better.

The Claremore Daily Progress honored Albert on Saturday with its Progressive Citizen of the Year Award. In its 22nd year the award goes to a citizen that has by their work, effort and investment improved the community and markedly shaped those they have encountered during the past year.

Albert epitomizes the essence of the award which was begun by the late Dave Story. By recognizing individuals like Albert, others in the community can see an example of hard work and investment. We congratulate Albert on this honor and encourage everyone to thank him for his contributions in making Claremore and Rogers County a place to be most proud.

n Randy Cowling is managing editor of the Claremore Daily Progress.

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