Vote yes, Tuesday

Tuesday’s school bond issue votes in Justus-Tiawah, Inola and Verdigris school districts should get unanimous support Tuesday.

Rogers County is Oklahoma’s fastest growing county. It is also home to some of the state’s fastest growing school districts. Growth requires additional investment in school buildings and reliable transportation to get around in the county’s still rural environment.

By approving the Verdigris School District’s $6.33 million construction bond request and the $245,000 transportation bond, property owners and school patrons will not only address current school needs but will make a significant commitment to quality education in this district for the next seven years.

Justus-Tiawah School District has been identified by the state Education Department as the fastest growing district in the county. It has literally be bulging at the seams of both campuses ever since the consolidation move nearly 10 years ago. A $600,000 bond for a new cafeteria is critical for the expanding enrollment. This school district has always been frugal in its management of school finances and bond requests. Patrons should feel confident when voting yes on this issue.

Inola school district voters are looking at a $1.5 million bond issue. This school district, like Verdigris, is looking ahead to meet state mandates that will require all-day kindergarten by 2011. They also have ongoing transportation needs.

Vote. Vote yes.

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