History is the chronological accomplishments of a certain group of people. If you lose this history, it is as though these people never existed. Claremore Museum of History honors the people that established this great city. The exhibits start in 1802 with the coming of the Osage Indians.

Beautiful paintings of Chief Claremont and Chief Black Dog are on display. This is followed by the “Old Settlers” of the Cherokee Tribe and those that survived the Trail of Tears and settled this area.

Along with the white people that came, they established churches, schools, homes and built cities. You can see pictures and read about some of the early buggy doctors, along with a doctor’s medical bag.

Learn about the people that established the early banks and those that became the leaders of Oklahoma becoming a state.

Claremore became the Crossroads of America with the two railroads running through our city. This brought people to Radium Town, the water that brought health to many people. John M. Bayless built many of the downtown businesses (most are gone now) and the beautiful Belvidere Mansion that reminds us of a time gone by. J. M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum was started in downtown Claremore. It is now the largest private gun collection in the world. Lynn Riggs, a native of Claremore, wrote a play about early people in Claremore and the struggles between the farmers wanting to fence the land and the ranchers desiring free range for the cattle. His play reached Broadway and was renamed “Oklahoma!” Will Rogers traveled the world and told about his beloved hometown, Claremore.

Step inside the Claremore Museum of History and experience this city being born and growing into a place worthy of its history and its people.

The museum is located at 4th and Weenonah Avenue and is open every Saturday, 11 to 3.

Groups may arrange for special tours by calling 918-341-5630, or email soonerwildcat@att.net. A $2 per-person donation is appreciated.

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