Day of Love

When the Day of Love was announced one day at the Senior Center, I signed up immediately. My request was simply to clear the alley behind my house. I expected perhaps two or three volunteers. What actually happened was difficult for me to understand. Early on Saturday the 13th a virtual army of volunteers arrived at my home. They were composed of entire families including children. The men went immediately to work on all the brush that has surrounded my home for over thirty years while the children worked in my flower gardens pulling every weed. They mulched, checked my fire alarm, and hung the new curtain rods I had been unable to handle. I have organized many group activities over the years, but never have I seen such organization as this group displayed. This day is one I shall never forget nor ever be able to thank the volunteers enough. It was a blessing I never expected. I certainly hope that this event continues annually so that many other citizens can experience this blessing as well.

—Linda Batty

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