John Feary

“Please consider wearing a mask for your neighbor.”

That is my advice to you when it comes to whether to wear a mask or not this cold and flu season, especially while we continue to combat COVID-19. While the City of Claremore does not have a mask mandate, the City Council has passed a resolution strongly in favor of wearing masks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other top health officials are strongly recommending the proper usage of masks.

As we head into the cold winter months, we are also entering cold and flu season. As a city, we need to be extra vigilant in our effort to combat the spread of both viruses. This means considering wearing a mask, washing your hands regularly and staying physically distant from others.

Like other areas of rural America, Rogers County is still dealing with a number of new COVID-19 cases daily. This is alarming as area and regional hospital systems are concerned with stressing the hospital system, as well maintaining the mental and physical stamina of frontline healthcare workers. We can each do our part to maintain the safety and health of our family, neighbors, and community through personal responsibility and simple precautions.

I want to remind our residents that businesses and establishments in Claremore with mandatory mask policies are allowed to turn away customers who are not wearing facial coverings. All private property owners and businesses are allowed to have a mandatory mask policy. This is done for the health and safety of both patrons and employees in an effort to keep our local economy open and thriving.

Please watch for additional resources and regular updates on COVID-19 numbers and levels in the city in the near future. We want to make sure residents have the information they need to make informed decisions. We will be sharing that information on our City of Claremore COVID-19 web page and our Facebook page. Additionally, you may always check out the Oklahoma State Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard at

I know the past eight months have been extremely challenging, impacting our health, finances and emotional wellbeing. We are all coping with this pandemic in various ways. I want to thank our community for sticking together during this challenging time. I ask that we keep moving forward and that we all do our part to stay healthy as we enter the holiday season.

I continue to welcome your feedback and ideas at about how to make Claremore even better.

Have a great week, consider getting your flu shot and please go vote!



John Feary is the acting city manager for the city of Claremore.

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