Tom Fink

• Sonic announces plans for “pickle flavored slush”

America’s Drive-in announced last week that it will start selling a pickle juice slush this June. The drink will be bright green and combine that sweet slush flavor with the unmistakable blast of pickle flavor. Mmmm.

Not only this, but once the ...interesting new flavor hits Sonic locations, customers will be able to ask for the pickle-flavored syrup for anything on the menu, which means you could put it in milkshakes, sundaes, teas, or even burgers, should you be so inclined and have nerves — and taste buds — of steel.

I’ll be making mine Route 44-sized.

• Infinity War final trailer released

After rolling out the teaser for the teaser, the full teaser, the teaser trailer, the Superbowl teaser trailer, the teaser trailer for the full unofficial trailer, Marvel Studio’s finally released the full official trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War.”

For the uninitiated, “Avengers: Infinity War” is purported to be the Marvel movie which all previous Marvel Cinematic Universe movies — 18 in all — have been building, and pits all —and maybe a few new — characters previously established in the MCU against an extinction-level threat in the form of a character named Thanos, who bears an unsettling resemblance to a California Raisin on steroids.

Early buzz on this movie has been deafening, and I’m one of “those” people who have the movie’s release date — April 27, moved up a week from its previously announced release date — on his calendar. I’ll go on record to say that this will be Marvel’s most financially successful movie made to date, and may go on to become the highest grossing film ever made. Maybe not Mark Zuckerberg money, but plenty, believe me. Speaking of which...

• Facebook got caught in a whale of a data scandal

Last week wasn’t so good for poor gajillionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

A British newspaper ran with a big story about Facebook losing control of the data of 50 million users. Data purportedly fell into the hands of an academic, who designed a quiz that Facebook users could play in exchange for their personal data.

Unlike most such games, however, this one harvested the data of all the users’ friends as well — without their permission. Whoops!

Some 50 million people were affected, and their data was then sold to the firm Cambridge Analytica.

Here’s where things get shady. Selling Cambridge Analytica data would have already broken laws if they were a benign outfit, but the company stands accused of using that data to manipulate voters in elections.

After the story broke, Britain’s Channel 4 conducted a sting on Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix, and caught him on camera boasting about how the firm had previously used honey traps, fake bribery stings, blackmail, and hacking to tip elections in places like Nigeria, Kenya, and Malaysia. Somehow, the scandal had just gotten even bigger.

The stories painted a picture of corporate greed and underhand tactics that had immediate consequences. Facebook lost $40 billion off its stock value, while British police raided Cambridge Analytica’s UK offices.

Meanwhile, the rest of us got a chilling insight into what companies like Facebook are willing to do with our private data.

• Wizard World Comic Con returns to Tulsa

Thursday morning, Wizard World Comic Con pop culture/geek convention extraordinaire did an about face with its plans for the 2018 convention, moving it from Oklahoma City — where it was in 2017 — back to Tulsa.

While WWCC has been something of an evolving annual event in Oklahoma, first starting in 2014 as convention for strictly science fiction aficionados, but subsequently adding artists and personalities from various other aspects of popular culture, such as literature, horror, movies, and television, and even WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

The convention date also was moved ahead of its previously announced late October date to Sept. 7-9, although no guests have been announced at this time.