OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Melissa Provenzano (D-Tulsa) is set to begin work on an interim study into Oklahoma's student loan debt.

Provenzano hopes to use the recently approved study to work with local agencies to examine the student loan debt crisis in Oklahoma and to propose possible legislation that will lead to fewer Oklahoma students with extreme student loan debt.

“Student loan debt is a hurdle to a healthy Oklahoma economy,” Provenzano said. “By having so many of our college graduates hampered by student loan debt, we stifle entrepreneurship and innovation, which is necessary for our economy to grow.”

Provenzano’s study on virtual charter attendance was denied. This study was requested before recent allegations by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation surfaced against an in-state virtual charter school.

“It is disappointing that our requested interim study to examine the disconnect between attendance rates and student performance in the virtual charter school system was not approved,” Provenzano said. “Successful academic performance is tied directly to consistent student’s attendance. Our kids deserve better. We can and must get this right.”

Interim studies are approved or denied by Speaker of the House Charles McCall.