Dear Editor,

I would like to express my concerns about the change in the direction of the Christmas parade this year.

I’m sure the planners have taken into consideration the staging of the parade at the beginning and how it will work without the large parking lot like the Expo center has. The parking lot at the Church and the narrow streets may cause issues in getting the flow of the parade going. Furthermore, it will be harder for people to find their groups when gathering for their float.

I understand that they want the parade to end at the Expo center for Winter Fest. However, with everyone parking there for that event, it will be crowded for buses and people picking up parade goers.

I am a student who marches in the band. My biggest concern is the fact that we will be marching uphill . For the majority of the mile it is relatively flat. But at the end the elevation changes by 30ft. And while this really isn’t an issue for older students, the younger marchers may struggle at the end. And if they are winded they won’t be able to play their instruments.

Thank you this opportunity to voice my opinion.

Derek Lavigne


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