Attention city manager, city council, and mayor,

I recently moved back to Claremore after living 30 years in the OKC area. I was frankly shocked to find that you do not offer curbside recycling pickup. I mean, how could that be?

I am aware that the city does offer a designated location where you can drop off your recycling—which the city subsidizes. Do you realize what a hassle it is to bag up and keep your recycling items until you have enough that i is worth the trip to drop them off? Plus, how difficult that is for older and disabled residents? I can only imagine the small percentage of residents that actually participate.

I just cannot believe a community that proclaims to be progressive and is trying to attract younger residents does not offer curbside recycling pickup! Think about the environmental impact that the participation of even half the residents would have.

I understand that budgets are tight and city revenue may be down. However investing in a greener future and eliminating non-decaying waste at the dump just makes sense.

I think funding a project like this could benefit all residents in Claremore. Instead of spending money to fund improvements to a golf course (which only benefits an elite group of citizens) or even maintaining a dog park. We need to think about the impact and consequences of our actions. Curbside recycling would go a long way in making our community a better place to live.

Christina Klein


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