It’s around 8:30 Thanksgiving morning when I go to answer the urgent knock at our door.

A County Sheriff’s SUV stands in the driveway.  As I opened the door, the deputy slowly approached, a stack of paper plates in his hands. I was struck by his gentle demeanor and asked how I could help him.  “Does a Mr. Naumann live here?” “Are you Ms. Naumann?” I answered “Yes” to both questions and he went on to explain that a call that Mr. Naumann made to the 911 dispatcher had taken the dispatchers by surprise.  My husband had called them just minutes before to thank them for being there to answer any calls as needed.

 That is a great comfort to him because he just may need them one day (he’s 87 and realizes that’s a very real possibility.)  At any rate, dispatchers seldom, if ever, get a call thanking them for being there.  They were so pleased that they put together a plate of their still-warm Thanksgiving Dinner and had the Deputy deliver it along with a note from the dispatcher.  It seems it was her last day after working there for seven years.  The call made her day.  And her thoughtfulness and generosity made our day.  Talk about a Win-Win situation!

Want to have a great day?  Say “Thank you!”

Dorothy Naumann

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