Claremore Protest March & Rally:

Thank you Claremore Progress for the excellent reporting, of the true-news. Kudos to the young, courageous, and passionate lady who initiated it, the local churches who gave voice to it, the patient and professional police who protected public safety, the volunteers who handed out water and compassion and the citizens who showed up for justice. Claremore humanity was showcased well. As reported earlier, another young courageous lady videotaped the silencing of a citizen’s voice under someones knee as two others pushed his chest against the pavement. A life was ended for $20. The whole world had a front row seat to a tragic display of injustice. Those who care about justice for everyone, man women and child must give voice for those of us, who for whatever reason, are not treated with the dignity and respect every human life deserves.

Ken Seidel


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