State Legislators have a lot on their plate going into the 2020 Legislative Session next Spring. Oklahoma has the highest rate of incarcerated adults per capita in the nation, our education and healthcare funding ranks near the bottom of the country, and our infrastructure continues to crumble. Out of the 149 legislators that will be heading to Oklahoma City in January, many have filed bills that seek to fix these issues; but Senators Nathan Dahm of Broken Arrow and Marty Quinn of Claremore seem to have different priorities.

Yes, instead of being apart of a solution to the issues our State faces Dahm, the software developer, and Quinn, the Insurance Salesman, are set on renaming a stretch of highway after the incumbent President of the United States.

Putting aside the obvious attempt to garner national attention for the two senators, their bill is distasteful in that naming structures after figures before their death is tacky at best. In the midst of an impeachment inquiry the President’s legacy is uncertain and our lawmakers must be more responsible in how their limited session time is spent.

Kurt LeVan


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