Trying times are certainly nothing out of the ordinary for the people of Claremore. If nothing else, those hardships are what bonds us together and gives us a sense of community most cities and townships in Oklahoma do not ever experience.

We help our neighbors when they need help and we stand up for what is right, which is why I’m disappointed in our city officials and their actions regarding the current water crisis. Government, especially at the municipal level, has a basic responsibility to protect the health and well-being of its citizens. Yes, this sounds like a basic high school civics lesson but unfortunately it is one that certain City officials seem to need a refresher on.

When City officials call common citizens like you and me “liars” and “promoters of fake news” I wince at not only the lack of respect towards another person, but the extreme lack of professionalism displayed by someone whose salary relies on the taxes you and I pay.

I am even more disheartened by the blatant lack of courage from our elected representatives who not only permit such behavior to take place, but often engage in similar etiquette. Criticism is an element of governance and being a public figure; I should know, I was one and welcomed dissimilar opinions in order to have a dialogue.

If those making decisions on our behalf cannot handle the justified concerns and questions from the community then it is time for them to step aside.

Kurt LeVan


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