I do not understand why other pragmatic options are not being discussed and considered by our leaders in reference to the Coronavirus.

Other doctors and respected epidemiologists have offered models where the elderly, the immunocompromised and those facing statistically higher risk rates shelter-in-place, away from others while the rest of the population continues to work, using good, hygienic practices. This model allows for a herd immunity, thus reducing the contagion to the vulnerable when they later encounter others. No one expects this virus to be eradicated or a vaccine to be developed any time soon.

I would like our leaders to consider and encourage safety measures that protect the vulnerable - but not these draconian and destructive shut-downs: Quarantine and care for the vulnerable and let the rest protect their families from economic destruction by working and opening their businesses back up. This is America - let us operate with Constitutional freedoms and let us be the generous, helpful people we are when catastrophe strikes our country.

Jan Fellman


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