I have made a yearly observation that at the close of the school year, students moving out of their dorms are given basically one choice : to place their unwanted, unneeded items in the dumpsters behind the dorms. As a result, after graduation, everything can be found in the large containers behind the dorms: canned goods, imperishable boxed foods, numerous amounts of barely used office/school supplies, kitchen ware (pots, pans, utensils, Tupperware containers) linens, partially used cleaning supplies, microwaves, mini fridges, lamps, fans, perfectly good clothing, NIKE sports attire issued to RSU athletes, futons, mini tables, draperies, unspoiled fruit and vegetables, partially used laundry supplies, plastic hangers (lots), purses, bags, belts....basically anything a person just does not want!

There is just no excuse for these students to be so wasteful! The majority of these discarded items can be passed on to those in need. Nonperishable food can be collected for the food pantries in town. May I make a suggestion? ORU has a truck that sits with the back open the final week of school in between the dorms for the solitary purpose of collecting these items for the Tulsa Dream Center. In fact, it is a Tulsa Dream Center truck that is parked there. Perhaps one of the resale shops/churches in town can do such a thing, along with placing bins inside each dorm for the specific collection of unwanted food items,

Seriously, the situation gets worse every year! Let's teach students to Reduce/Reuse/Recycle.

—Cassandra Cinnabar


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