Maybe someone at City Hall can help explain their latest logic on rate increases. Last week the Claremore Progress reported an increase in electric rates in 2020. Claremore gets it’s power from GRDA then resells to us. But today in the Tulsa World it was reported that GRDA will not have any rate increases in 2020. What gives? It is common knowledge publicly that the City of Claremore (partially) funds the budgets of both the Fire and Police Departments from profits from the sale of electricity. Why not ween the Fire and Police Departments off these funds and back onto their normal revenue streams. Thus freeing up sorely needed funds to repair and replace the electric infra-structure. Result might be fewer power surges and brown outs. And what are those high tech smart meters doing for you. Just confirming what an antiquated electric delivery system we have I might suspect. Hope I can get this email sent before the next power surg……

John W. Franklin


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