Recent news and statements from our president have made me feel concerned about whether the United States Post Office can get my mail-in ballot to be counted for the Presidential election November 3.

So, I walked into the Rogers County Election Board office (at 415 West 1st St. in Claremore) to ask if 1) I was on their list to vote by mail, which I had registered online to do and they said yes, and 2) if I could bring my completed sealed ballot to their office prior to November 3, and they said yes but I’d have to show proof of who I am, and 3) when should I expect my ballot to be mailed to me and they said mid to late September. All of that took less than one minute. Now I feel comfortable that I did the right thing by registering for mail-in voting and assured I have a way to get my vote counted.

I’m writing this because I suspect others might have the same concerns as I.

Ken Seidel


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