On Monday I found a notice on the Claremore Meals on Wheels door that two members of our volunteer team were nominated for a Channel 6 award. Although this is much appreciated and heart warming (and it very much is), Claremore Meals on Wheels continues to service our city because of the dedication of ALL our volunteers and the support of the Claremore community.

Many of our volunteer who usually drive once a week are driving two/three times a week and taking expanded routes. Many of our kitchen staff are cooking additional days and working extended hours. It is very much a dedicated volunteer team that keeps our doors open.

Rats, it is hard to write this without a tear. I am so immensely proud of our volunteers who all have such large giving hearts. Thank you.

Rats again, more tears. The Claremore community’s support is fantastic with financial and product donations. Like our volunteers, there are people within our community who donate product weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly. Yes, we have the those that empty their trunks and vans with product. To all of you, with tears, thank you.

To the individual who kindly nominated two of our volunteers, I thank you; however, as you read, the applause goes to our volunteers and our very generous Claremore people.

Jo VandenBrink

Claremore Meals on Wheels Volunteer.

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