Medical Marijuana. It is the polarizing issue of SQ 788. Many claim allowing medical marijuana into our state could be a boost to the state budget, provide new industry, and provide other benefits, but I have yet to hear a medical provider, Doctor, Nurse, etc. encourage the passing of SQ 788. While I am sensitive to those who would benefit from medication, including medical marijuana, my conflict is with the way SQ 788 opens the door for marijuana to be used for recreation rather than medication.

Real problems need real solutions. But I believe SQ 788 will only introduce new problems with few solutions. I am concerned with the liberal wording of SQ 788. I am concerned with the overall effect it will have on our state, communities, and our Oklahoma families. I am concerned Oklahoma will become the next Colorado. I am concerned that the drug issues we face as a society, and in our communities, will only worsen if SQ 788 passes.

Overall it doesn’t matter what the intent of SQ 788 is. Its passage will be a gateway to recreational marijuana. If the intent was for marijuana to be medicinal, then our state question should have been written that way.”

Edmund Burke, an Irish Philosopher from the 1700’s said. “The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.” SQ 788 is not a neutral issue. If it passes it will have an effect on everyone in Oklahoma.

David Mewbourne


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