Regarding the article in the weekend edition of the Progress on Congressman Markwayne Mullin—I agree that his question, “Why can’t we all just get along” has merit. And, I disagree with his attempt to provide an answer.

Unfortunately, if what I see on page 7A, is actually what he said, making decisions are often limited to 2 things 1-his life experiences and 2-the way he was raised, both of these are much too narrow and short sighted when attempting to make decisions for the future. To make more effective decisions one must open themselves to diverse dialogue with those who will be impacted the most and that requires a great deal of effort and a great deal of listening.

Mr. Mullins goes on to discuss his limited views on the future of healthcare. Since I spent 30 years in various healthcare management positions, I’d be more then happy to sit-down with him and share my views if he has the time and patience to engage in a dialogue.

Ken Seidel 


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