In 2007, Claremore citizens passed an educational bond that would impact me in ways I wouldn’t know or understand until this year. 600 miles away in a small Texas town was a first grade girl who had no idea how different her life was about to get. In 2011, my family moved to Claremore, and I attended Catalayah Elementary as one of its very first fifth graders. I was so blessed to be able to attend a brand new school as I began my new life in Oklahoma.Over the last seven years I’ve been so blessed and honoured to watch Claremore Public Schools as it has grown into what it is today. As a Senior, I’ve taken time to look at the past, and realize where I’d be without this last bond. Although the PAC wasn’t brought about through bond funding, it has been like a second home to me. That feeling alone allows me to make a connection with how athletes feel about the new gym and the football field, which were both funded by the last bond issue. It’s buildings like these that not only provide a facility for activities, but an opportunity to create well rounded citizens. They provide spaces for school spirit to grow, and for morale to be boosted, which is proven to to affect student achievement. They provide a space for growth and development, as well as a place that students can take ownership of in their educational process.

As a student in today’s age, I can see how easy it is to fall behind without the right technology to equip you. With schools that have a history of investing in students by passing bond after bond, these schools are better prepared because of their facilities. For example, the risers that our show choir dances on each day are falling apart, and can be a hazard to be on. Students shouldn’t have to perform or practice on equipment that is unsafe or that they are unsure of.  Being an AP student, I’m always working on a project, and need access to a computer daily. While I may have computer access outside of Claremore High School, many of my classmates do not. This creates an inequity in the ability for students to access the information and work outside of school. 1:1 technology would level the playing field for these students. In addition, CHS only has 1 lab that is not used as a classroom setting each day. This lab is consistently booked with other classes. Students often have to use their phones, or bring laptops from home to complete major projects. Area school districts and others nationwide have an advantage when it comes to technology. These schools sit on mountains of success for developing students that are prepared to take on life outside of High School. The challenge is greater when you don’t have access to the digital technology that the world around us uses daily. 1:1 technology would make technology available to all, thus making students learning opportunities equal.

  This bond has the potential to bring growth, success, and to create a brighter future for those that follow me in graduating from the Claremore Public School System. Help me give back to the school that helped me grow, and allow us to turn a new page to the future by voting on March 5 for the Claremore Public School Bond. Because stronger schools build stronger communities

Thank you!

Madison White

CHS Senior