Saturday, April 6, was a busy day for Claremore residents. There were a lot of events to take in plus we had a beautiful day for working outside or going to the lake. Even with this to compete with, the residents of Claremore did a great job of supporting the Meals on Wheels annual food drive.

We were fortunate to have the Rogers County Sheriff Department mounted patrol on site. There were three riders with their beautiful gentle horses. After people loved on the horses, Josie and handler (part of the search and rescue team) received a lot of attention. Afterwards the ever so calm, Judy, the therapy dog and her handler brought many smiles.

Handing out the Meals on Wheels grocery list were staff from Firehouse 2, Marine Corps veterans, and Meals on Wheels volunteers. Ensuring that the shelves were stocked with the grocery list items were the Walmart manager and staff. Afterwards, emptying the trailers, helping sort, and putting the produce on our shelves were staff from Firehouse 3, Meals on Wheel volunteers, and friends of our organization.

We thank everyone in the Claremore community for their generosity and support.

Kayleigh, we also thank you for the pictures and articles in this paper, The Claremore Daily Progress.

Jo VandenBrink

Volunteer, Claremore Meals on Wheels