Lately, all around the world there have been mask and vaccine mandates. Wearing a mask/getting the COVID vaccine should be a choice, not mandated. America is a free country, and we are very proud of that. Our founding fathers fought with their lives for our freedom that we now have today. Making someone wear a mask or getting a vaccine is imposing on one’s freedom.

In America, abortion is very common. Many people say, it’s the woman’s body, so it’s her choice. Well, why can’t those who do/don’t want the vaccine get to decide whether they get the shot/s or not? It’s their body, so it should be their choice.

It’s not necessary to press your beliefs/thoughts onto someone else. They have their own beliefs, for their own reasons. Now, that’s not to say, you can’t share why and what you believe, as long as you do it in an approachable way. Most people aren’t going to listen to you if you try to shove your ideas down their throat. You can believe whatever you want about wearing a mask/taking a vaccine. It's your body, and your choice.

Elizabeth O’Brien


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