While I support President Trump and his agenda, attacks from Republicans aimed at the Mueller investigation are entirely counterproductive to the best interests of our country. A comprehensive end to Mueller’s examination of Russian interference in our elections will allow the nation to heal, and our President to fully focus his attention on the economy.

This issue has become extremely polarizing and has added to existing political divisions among communities across the country. It is a shame that the independent judiciary system—a pillar of American democracy—has been called into question as a result. As we face these new challenges, we can’t forget the principles of the Constitution that led us to our current role as a world power.

An end to this chapter of American politics is critical if we are going to make the necessary changes to our election system that will prevent further attacks against our country. But that does not mean we should stop the investigation altogether. It must be allowed to finish on its own and uninterrupted by political accusations.

— Sarah Allen


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