Awesome same day coverage

Dear Editor,

How awesome is this? Same day news on the day it happened. I don't think, I have ever seen news fly so fast in this town. I'm use to seeing the news in The Daily Progress 1 week after its happened.

Brandy Gibson - Claremore

No prom on Good Friday

Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention that the senior prom has been scheduled to be April 10th this year. Hang on … wait a minute … isn’t that Good Friday?

Well, well, well, now they have gone and done it. But, we Christians let them do it without a whimper. We have let too many things encroach on days of worship. Many of us remember when NOTHING was open on Sunday but the hospital and the police station.

But since then, we have allowed the world, little by little, to push into our times of worship and push Christ out of our lives. With this latest push, the world is telling us, “The Crucifixion has no meaning. Kids, go ahead and party! The day Christ died is not important at all!”

Well, this time they have pushed too far.

I found out at Claremore High School that the student council scheduled the prom and the faculty advisor did not stop them from scheduling on Good Friday. Why did we let this happen?

Parents, is this what YOU want to tell your children? Our kids need to be taught better principles. If we do not teach them right, the world will teach them godless principles. If we do not draw the line somewhere, we will give up and give up and give up until there is nothing left to give. We will have turned our lives over to the world and told our kids that Christ is no longer important. Read the first chapter of Romans and see where we are headed.

Should we have a party on the highest and holiest of all Christian days? Should we party on Good Friday? Should we party during Holy Week? Not on MY watch!

Parents, it is time to stand up and say, “NO!” Tell your school administrators this is too much and it MUST be changed. I have heard explanations that are nothing but excuses. There are no excuses here. At best, the schedulers were careless. At worst, they actually thought to themselves that Good Friday and Easter are unimportant, have no meaning, and/or can easily be replaced.

It is time to say, “NO!”

Jim Guess - Claremore

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