Dear editor:

The deniers will line up but all of the empirical evidence points to fracking as the cause for our increase in earthquakes. Having survived the Loma Prieta Earthquake (y’all know it as the San Francisco earthquake, 7.0) these events are killers and the property damage can be mind boggling, especially since we do not build for shaking above a 5.6.

We are currently at 600 percent or so more earthquakes since the wave of fracking started 10 years or so ago. Oklahoma geologists, U.S. geologists and common sense tells us this does not have a natural cause. Most of the deniers are connected to the oil industry.

When you travel west to California on I-40 starting somewhere in Texas there is a 50-60 mile stretch of windmills generating power and Texas has built more non-fossil fuel plants than ever last year.

No earthquakes there.

T.D. Miller


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