WASHINGTON—Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) released the following statement after President Donald Trump’s Address to the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security Crisis on our Southern Border:

“President Trump’s message to the American people was abundantly clear,” said Mullin.  “We cannot ignore the facts any longer.  There is a humanitarian and national security crisis at our country’s southern border.

“In the last three months, over 60,000 individuals traveled to our southern border.  Of those, approximately 85 percent crossed our border illegally.  Border security agents arrested 17,000 adults with criminal records at the border in FY18.  The Department of Homeland Security kept 3,755 known or suspected terrorists out of the U.S. in FY17.  In the last month, Customs and Border Protection encountered 22,000 children at the border, including 4,000 children under the age of five. 

“But with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi leading the charge, Democrats have proven that they have no interest in ending the shutdown or securing our southern border.  Republicans have put forward a number of good-faith, commonsense efforts to negotiate.  It’s time the Democrats put aside their partisan antics and come to the table to protect the integrity of our country and its citizens.

“Just as our president said: ‘They don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside but because they love the people on the inside.’  Every American inside our borders is worth protecting and I will stand with the president in his continued efforts to build the wall and secure our borders,” concluded Mullin.