Art brings people together.

Claremore is lucky to have a wealth of public art bringing vibrancy to our shared spaces.

Claremore is dotted with statues of historical significance and murals with meaning near and dear to all of us.

This week the announcement was made that a new mural will soon be brightening up a corner of Claremore with a rich history.

The building now occupied by Spectrum Paint will be the home of a mural by the internationally-known mural artist Kelsey Montague.

“We really wanted something that would inspire people, not only from Claremore, but from the surrounding areas and beyond to come and physically visit our Main Street which we are so proud to be a part of,” said Gentry Stafford, Vice President of Marketing at Spectrum and Claremore resident.

Street art is an important part of a community and it's thrilling to see Claremore's art grow and evolve as the town grows and evolves.

Murals, statues and the like serve to energize and inspire and motivate people to continue beautifying their spaces. Continuing this trend, and with an artist of this notoriety, is a win for Claremore.

—Claremore Progress

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