Rep. Mark Lepak's recent op-ed (“Back to School with COVID, Risk and Consequence,” in the Sept. 1 edition) was disrespectful to all public school teachers. He obviously has no understanding of what we are going through to make this year happen safely for our students.

We are willing to spend hours trying to revamp our teaching to help our students learn in the best way possible. We are cleaning our rooms after each class as well as after school. We are learning new technology to make sure that our lessons are engaging and appropriate for every learning style.

I have never been prouder to be a teacher in my life. Never has my job been harder, but this is what teachers do. We rise to every challenge. What our districts are doing to make school happen is remarkable. There is nothing we wouldn't do for our kids. We've never been in this situation. Still, what our teachers are doing is truly amazing.

Rather than threatening us, Mr. Lepak should be standing up for us. At the very least, he should visit our classrooms and see first-hand what is going on.

Jennifer Esau


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