Countless individuals and organizations, the Progress included, has been encouraging participation in the U.S. Census. This week, though, the city of Claremore embraced an initiative to push response rates even higher.

We applaud the city for embracing this Highway 20 Community Challenge.

Tuesday, the city explained the challenge on their Facebook page saying: “The City of Collinsville Oklahoma Government issued a 2020 census challenge to the communities along Hwy 2O! They want to outdo us on response rates! We can’t let Collinsville, Pryor Creek or Skiatook win! The census is crucial for a lot of things, but municipalities receive federal funding based on our numbers. What Claremore reports will impact us for the next 10 years!”

The friendly rivalry is the exact distraction we all need from all that is going on, and it has the added bonus of benefiting every resident of every city involved.

As of April 27, Claremore had a response rate of 55.5%, which is higher than the state average of 48.3%.

 On the same date, Collinsville has a response rate of 61.3%, Skiatook had a 42.4% response rate and Pryor was sitting at 48.5%.

To keep tabs on how the Highway 20 Community challenge is going, check out the City of Claremore Facebook page.

To participate in the U.S. Census, visit

Claremore Progress

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