Flag raising

Claremore Fire Department firefighters thread rope and raise flag outside the Claremore Daily Progress' office. 

Our nation owes a debt of gratitude it can’t possibly pay. Nothing will ever match the sacrifice given freely from those who served in our armed forces.

Wednesday is Veterans Day.

We, as a nation, officially say thank you to those who chose to put on a uniform to preserve freedom and democracy in our nation.

We owe this debt of gratitude every day of the year. For it is the dedication of all those who served in our military that we can stand here today in a free nation.

That should not be taken lightly.

There are many countries around the world where the level of freedom is scant. There are dictators in name and in practice throughout the world.

It’s appropriate that Veterans Day follows so closely behind Election Day.

Veterans fought for our way of life and our ability to chose our leaders at the ballot box.

Our veterans fought for our nation, our lives. They fought under our flag — a symbol of our way of life that serves as a beacon to all those around the world who turn to us as a shining example of how freedom should work.

The flag of the United States of America flies outside the Progress’ office.

It hasn’t flown there for awhile. It wasn’t some kind of a political statement. Getting the flag pole restrung was a difficult task.

The flagpole stands about three stories high. We needed help to get a rope threaded atop the flagpole to be able to fly the flag again.

The Claremore Fire Department used a tower truck last week reach the top of the flagpole.

The primary reason the CFD helped was to ensure the flag was waving again by Veterans Day.

We are grateful for the firefighters who performed this task. It is not part of their responsibility. They did not make any kind of repair. They had the equipment, skill and training to get the flag flying again outside the Progress’ office.

Failure to fly the flag was not a political statement.

Flying the flag today and forever more is a statement.

It says many things — on Wednesday and every day forward it says we appreciate our veterans.

If you are a veteran, please know it was the intent of the staff of the Claremore Daily Progress to get the flag flying again before Wednesday – in time for you to see how much we appreciate you.

Thank you.

Claremore Daily Progress Editorial Board

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