Claremore Police Department

Tuesday May 15th, 2018 was set aside as Peace Officers Memorial Day, the week surrounding this day is designated “Police Week”.

Many have paid tribute and honor to fallen members of Law Enforcement locally and nationally. The Claremore Police Department has past brethren who have fallen in the line of duty, it is our honor and responsibility to always remember the sacrifice they and their families have paid.

As Chief of Claremore Police Department, I wanted to remember those individuals who have gone before with reverence and appreciation. I also want to take this time set aside as “Police Week” to notice those who still stand strong in service to our community.

National, and even local, attitudes toward law enforcement and authority in general have shifted drastically in the last few years. Negative radical ideas are pervasive in our culture and civil unrest seems possible in parts of our nation at any given time. Historical grievance, racial inequality, inherent bias, lack of educational opportunity, digression of traditional family structure, spiritual separation, and poverty are just a few of the proposed causations to the less than positive perception of law enforcement from many cynics.

I would argue that all perspectives in this seemingly negative spirit have merit, but the truth remains, principled and steadfast as always; police officers serve a divinely ordained purpose! The men and women behind the badge are oft imperfect but they are resolute in their calling of service to you and yours. They are men and women struggling to meet the everyday challenges of life such as paying the bills, raising children, caring for aging parents, and the various inherent struggles just as you are. Yet they show up everyday willing to give their life to the service and protection of you.

We all pray they are never faced with the reality of death or harm as a result of serving and protecting you from evil persons who are here with us. I am confident in their abilities and willingness to face those challenges when they come. I am even more impressed and respectful of them because of their courage to carry out those difficult tasks when they come.

Who are these men and women of the Claremore Police Department? They are the men and women who show up when you are in a wreck, your burglary alarm goes off, your neighbors create a disturbance, or god-forbid, someone commits an act of violence or harm against you. They are also in your son’s baseball camp, your daughter’s soccer practice, your Sunday school class, or your local supermarket more often than you may know. I encourage you to get to know them.

I am proud to serve them in their capacity, I am also proud to serve with them as they provide security, safety, and an improved quality of life to you. It is my honor to know them and express thanks for them during this week, I encourage you to do the same.

In your Service,

—Stan Brown

Chief of Police

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