It's a tough one to spell, and an even trickier one to pronounce—but it's the milestone the Claremore Progress is celebrating today.

June 29 marks the 125th birthday of the Progress, the newspaper of record for Rogers County.

"It has been 125 years of continuous publishing! What a great day this is for the Claremore Daily Progress. My mind can’t even imagine the number of births, obituaries and all of life’s events in between we have covered in Rogers County. We have been the ‘Watch Dog” of government, the newspaper that celebrates success with our community and citizens; and provides fair and factual coverage to those issues and events that have meaning and impact on our town," said Kristy J. Geisler, Progress publisher.

"I think of who and what the newspaper is today in June 2018. I personally have 25 years in the newspaper industry and this 125th Anniversary is extremely important to me, knowing that we have the wherewithal as a multi-media newspaper company to continue to be a vital part of a by delivering the important news in  print, digital and social media. Newspapers have always been resilient and in Claremore we continue to stand the test of time! I am proud of the team we have here that puts out a great newspaper day in and day out. We are excited to see where the future takes us."

Celebrating with our community

"Undoubtedly some of the best years of my life were spent at the Claremore Progress. In addition to the great friendships I developed with people of Rogers County, young and old, the people I worked with, not only on the news staff, but in the other departments were - and many still are - my second family. It is where I raised by sons, where they sometimes slept on city council nights, election all-nighters and bad weather. Even Dot’s Cafe across the street, where Dorothy Washom and her family fed them the what I still call “home cooking.” I often see people who remind me I took their picture for the paper when they were little. I have said every child in Rogers County schools got their picture in the paper at least once during their schools years. I was fortunate to be associated with the best publishers-owners in the business, who were widely recognized real newsmen. Donn Dodd and Dave Story and the Livermores were my mentors and coaches and for that i will always be thankful. The families of those three were also a blessing in the lives of me and my sons. The Progress people and the readers were and still are a big part of my life. "

—Pat Reeder

Will Rogers Memorial Museum

"In today's high-tech information age, I believe local newspapers are becoming increasingly valuable to the health and wellbeing of our communities. Local papers like the Claremore Progress help keep residents informed and up-to-date on local issues that larger news outlets don't have the resources to regularly cover. At RSU, we teach our students to be engaged with their local communities, and I count myself fortunate to live in a city that supports local journalism reflecting  those same values."

—Dr. Larry Rice

Rogers State University President

"I am proud to be growing my business in a community where the newspaper is an active and dynamic partner. Despite technological changes in the way it delivers our news, may the Claremore Progress be the conscience of our community for another 125 years."

—Phil Albert

President of Pelco Structural