As election day nears I think of the meme that was on Face book this past weekend. It drew a correlation between the number of people who would rush to the convenience store to purchase a lottery ticket in hopes of improving their lives, but wouldn’t take the time to vote for exactly the same reason. This general election is an important one for Oklahoma and Rogers County. With the strong push by our county election board this year to get registered voters I hope the Progress can report on a strong turnout to the polls on November 6.

I continue to be impressed by Cherokee Councilor Keith Austin and his commitment to helping those he serves. He seems to attend every community event in every corner of Rogers County. His name is mentioned often on the various committees I serve on, as we can generally depend on his support for our projects. I had the opportunity to join him in Chelsea Thursday evening, as always it was a great event that served that community.

The Claremore Progress has always been a long-time member of the Claremore Chamber of Commerce. This year I have the privilege of serving on the board of directors. I am pleased to see the community out-reach taking place by our Chamber CEO Barby Myer and the board as we host events like the candidates forum last Tuesday at the Will Rogers Memorial. Local businesses have a strong advocate with our chamber and I am encouraged to see our membership grow this year.

And last but not least – the Will Rogers Memorial Foundation board has put together what promises to be the highlight of events in Claremore on November 1 at the Museum. It is a red carpet event that will feature a grand buffet, vaudeville acts, a dedication of the theatre to Jim Hartz and so much more. To purchase tickets visit

Kristy J. Geisler is the publisher of the Claremore Daily Progress.