Living in Claremore, you probably frequently drive up and down Highway 66. However, many of us rarely stop to consider what businesses surround the Mother Road or the jobs within those facilities.

Each October, the Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority (CIEDA) joins business and industry leaders across the nation in recognizing and celebrating the importance of the manufacturing sector.

Claremore serves as the proud home to numerous global manufacturing facilities. The products created within our community can be found not only throughout the United States, but worldwide, impacting all major industries, including energy, healthcare, agriculture, aerospace and more.

Manufacturing in Rogers County continues to be a leading source of employment, with nearly 6,500 individuals currently working in industrial-related occupations. The demand for these positions only continues to grow. To date, we have roughly 350 open career opportunities available within the Claremore Industrial Park.

This creative industrial sector is unique in that there is an opportunity for anyone regardless of career pathway. Whether GED or high school diploma, technical education, apprenticeship, or advanced degrees, there are quality job and advancement opportunities for you.

According to the National Manufacturing Institute, manufacturers will look to fill four million high-skill, high-tech and high-paying jobs over the next decade. This month’s goal is to help change common misconceptions about this vital sector and showcase the reality of modern manufacturing careers. To this point, many of Rogers County’s facilities feature climate-controlled environments with advanced technologies, automation and robotics.

Ensuring a robust talent pipeline is a top priority year-round for our organization. Our talent development portfolio has been recognized as a national leader by the International Economic Development Council and has been created in collaboration with our business partners. You will find members of our team in area classrooms, coordinating industrial tours and partnering with our workforce training providers to ensure our industries have the talent needed to find long-term success.

Numerous events are taking place across Rogers County throughout October to highlight the diversity of our industrial sector and the opportunities available. In addition, CIEDA will celebrate manufacturing in Claremore on social media throughout the month, highlighting each of our industrial partners.

Rogers County is blessed to be home to an incredible manufacturing ecosystem with leaders who transform their given industry. We are excited to celebrate the creators, innovators and job creators who call our community home and hope you will join us.

To learn more about the career opportunities located with Claremore, visit our website I also encourage you to find us on Facebook or LinkedIn for updates, special announcements and additional Manufacturing Month highlights.

All my best,

Meggie Froman-Knight

Executive Director

The Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority

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