Larry Larkin

As our country has aged over the past 242 years there is something we must always realize and never forget. So many things we take for granted have come with a tremendous cost, not to mention sacrifice.

We have a Constitution, a Bill of Rights, and laws and rules to rally around, alright, but it goes much deeper than that.

Our nation wasn’t created and remains so today because of politicians.

A Soldier is responsible

The choice of having freedom of religion comes not from a minister or any other religious person or group.

A Soldier is responsible

Free speech, a right to have one’s own opinions and to be able to express them in an orderly fashion, is not because of a teacher.

A Soldier is responsible

Having the means of a free press, the right to write or read different samplings of news reports is not due to an editor or reporter.

A Soldier is responsible

The right to assemble for whatever reason we want, privately or in public, did not come from an organizer.

A Soldier is responsible

Drawing up a petition in order to make changes is a right not due to­­ any individual wanting improvement.

A Soldier is responsible

The right to bear arms does not come from a large weapon manufacturer.

A Soldier is responsible

All of these rights and countless more can only be credited to the rightful singular sole. From General George Washington freezing and weary foot soldiers through today’s heroic and valiant men and women in uniform scattered world-wide, the soldier must continue with our unbroken gratitude.

For the ones both living and dead who served in the past may we never forget what they gave up in order to serve their country. They had to leave family and friends. Enlisting or being drafted (called to serve), each gave up most of their freedom of time. To top everything else, becoming a soldier has always meant being willing to put life and limb at risk.

Regardless what an armed conflict is called, World War, battle, police action

There has been and will continue to be times when one of them fall. In the past and in the future a comrade has or will step up to fill in.

Today’s service period is no different. For a soldier serving on a lonely base in Kansas is only an order away from being sent to Afghanistan.

While November 11, is designated as Veteran’s Day, may our citizens take time every day to somehow honor our soldiers, the men and women of the U.S. Armed Services and their family members.

Another way to show our gratefulness is to make sure our children know the sacrifice our military have made and will continue to make in the future.