Kristy J. Geisler

As we near Veteran’s Day on Sunday, 11/11, I want to give my profound thanks to those that have served and are serving our great nation. I particularly give thanks to two of our sons, Master Sgt. Jayson Geisler, Idaho National Guard and Gunnery Sgt (GySgt) Michael Johansson, US Marine Corps, as they approach almost 20 years of service. Both have had deployments to Iraq, and Michael has had multiple deployments to Afghanistan and other countries. They are committed to their jobs, and most importantly they are committed to their families.

When I think I am having a challenging day I try to think of them and other Veteran’s who have sacrificed time away from family, who have been injured, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I think of Marine Sgt. William Lenard who spoke at the Claremore Noon Rotary on Tuesday, he said “we just want to be the guy to help someone cross the street, or help a neighbor rake their leaves, not necessarily have recognition.” His humility was amazing to see.

Please join me this year in giving a grand salute to all men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. The Claremore Veteran’s Day parade hosted by MMS-Payne Funeral home is on Monday, coming down Will Rogers Blvd. starting at 11:11 am. Many businesses will also be hosting meals and events. Let’s show them our support.

Kristy J. Geisler is the publisher of the Claremore Progress.