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In the context of roses and degree of care should they be considered a high-maintenance plant? I do not think so. Roses, like any blooming shrub, do require some maintenance but if carefully selected, their upkeep can be minimal.

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Bugs. Insects. Pests. Whatever you call them, successful gardeners must learn how to deal with them. There are some, such as the squash bug, that you’ll want to get rid of quickly. Other bugs and insects are beneficial to the garden and should be encouraged to stay.

Continuing with the genus Pelargonium, let’s focus in on the Zonals. These are the classic geraniums with the big, heads of bright flowers offered at every nursery in spring and summer. They are almost fool proof for summer color and have earned their position of popularity in Oklahoma gardens.

The bagworm is a perennial insect that gets its name from the silken bag it constructs around itself. Each type of bagworm creates a specific type of bag relative to its feeding habits. Unfortunately, they can be a problem in the landscape here in Oklahoma.

When people consider plants with fragrance their first thought is the flower. Roses, lilies, lilacs or jasmines, flower fragrance is a most appealing trait. There is another way for fragrance to accompany a plant though and this is with fragrant foliage.