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Serving with ERDA, the well-respective Brent Kisling has an impressive track record of developing rural economies, crafting and executing major infrastructure projects and recruiting new job creators to our state. He’s been a champion for Northwest Oklahoma, and it’s good to have those connections at 23rd and Lincoln.

In 1995, a showdown had begun involving the movers and shakers of Congress and the Clinton White House. President Clinton had refused to sign the budget because he had objected to the GOP's solution to trim the federal deficit. This plan involved turning Medicaid over to the states, and certainly Clinton was concerned what this would mean for low-income families if this budget bill became law.

The USDA announced Tuesday a plan to fund SNAP benefits through February, and possibly March, but Sec. of Agriculture Sonny Perdue also used the opportunity to spur Congress into an appropriations bill that would end the government shutdown. SNAP benefits are used to provided nutrition to lower-income families.