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Last Saturday, the spirit of the 19th century came alive at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum as baseball enthusiasts gathered to witness a unique exhibition game.

Honoring the legendary American humorist's deep love for the sport, teams from Kansas, Texas, and local players came together to recreate a baseball game reminiscent of the 1800s.

Embracing the authenticity of the era, players adhered to the rules and regulations that governed the sport during that time. The game, played on the sprawling grounds of the historic museum, transported spectators back to a simpler time when baseball was in its nascent stages and yet to become the beloved national pastime it is today.

Adding to the historical ambiance, Wayne McCombs, a respected Claremore local known for his extensive knowledge of sports and baseball, took on the role of announcer. McCombs delighted the crowd with his use of period-appropriate lingo and descriptive phrases, immersing everyone in the rich atmosphere of 19th century baseball.

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