Baseball Boardgame

The Across the Board Baseball Game, pictured here, is a fun and exciting way to enjoy baseball inside the house during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Nathan Hale may not have a great baseball team in real life, but it provided a pair of exciting matchups in a doubleheader against Claremore in the Across the Board Baseball boardgame.

In Game 1, Trevor Janzen played hero with a two-run homer in the top of the seventh to give the Zebras a 6-5 victory.

Janzen hit another home run in Game 2, keeping Claremore alive with a solo shot to tie the game in the bottom of the sixth.

However, it was the Rangers who took a 6-2 win following a grand slam in the eighth inning.

GAME 1 | Claremore 6, Nathan Hale 5: The boardgame version of Janzen has been busy.

Fresh off a 3-for-3 performance at the plate in which he hit a double, a triple and a home run against Will Rogers in an earlier simulation, the senior continued his hot streak against the Rangers.

In a game that featured three homers, it was Janzen’s that won the day. Facing two outs, he blasted a two-run shot to extend the game into the bottom of the seventh, where Claremore finished off the win.

This came after Cameron Palmer and Nathan Hale exchanged solo homers in the sixth, trading the lead in the process. The latter put the Rangers in front 5-4.

The Zebras had a 3-1 lead through 4.5 innings before an RBI double in the fourth sparked a Nathan Hale run through the next two innings.

A pair of RBI singles in the fifth then tied the game at 3, serving as a catalyst for the ensuing home-run party.

Claremore struck first in the first inning on an Ethan Grimett single, and though the Rangers evened the score with a sacrifice fly in the second, Carson Young pushed the advantage to 3-1 in the third with a 2-RBI triple, scoring Brooks Sherl and Janzen.

GAME 2 | Nathan Hale 6, Claremore 2: Although heroic, Janzen’s second home run of the day served to only prolong the inevitable.

The Rangers had no interest going deep into extra innings, immediately loading the bases in the top of the eighth with a pair of singles and a walk.

Nathan Hale’s No. 4, the same player who hit a homer in Game 1, made sure that effort wasn’t in vain, crushing a grand slam to complete the upset of the Zebras. It was the team’s second time to load the bases during the game.

Claremore had a chance to respond, but a strikeout followed by a pair of ground outs were all Jim Sherl’s squad could muster.

The Rangers took a 1-0 lead in the second on a single, and the Zebras didn’t respond until the fourth when Young singled in Janzen to tie things up.

Nathan Hale led off with a triple in the previous frame, but it didn’t result in any points.

The Rangers quickly retook the lead in the fifth with a sac fly, but Janzen’s home run in the sixth evened the score once more at 2-2 before Nathan Hale’s game-clinching grand slam two innings later.

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