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Another chapter has been added to the “Warrior” tradition at Claremore Christian School.

On Friday, July 24, the school revealed a new logo to the public — its third since opening in 1984. CCS prefaced the announcements with Facebook posts detailing the history of its previous logos and the significance of each.

The original logo released 36 years ago introduced the Warrior theme with a knight-like character, armed with a sword and shield, riding a horse into battle. The logo was all white with a purple outline.

Claremore Christian didn’t rebrand until 23 years later in 2007 with the most recently used purple warrior helmet.

“Claremore Christian School encourages and promotes a deep and applicable understanding of God’s word as the source and foundation of truth,” the school said on a July 24 Facebook post. “This warrior is ready for battle, face like flint towards the oncoming battle, ready to face the charge. We are warriors, and the Lord is with us.”

The new logo pays homage to previous iterations with the plume on the helmet from the first logo and the spartan-type helmet from the second version.

With a black and white shield background, the logo predominately features the word ‘Warriors’ in all-capped white letters. The nickname was missing from the previous versions.

The silhouette of a spartan with a purple cape and a white, black and purple helmet towers over the moniker, and the school name of all-capped white letters rests between both within a purple backdrop.

“The new warrior logo stands on the traditions of the past, the battle-tested and the victorious,” the school said in a statement on Facebook. “On guard and vigilant, the warrior is ready for battle. This warrior stands firm against the enemy, knowing that his trust and his strength come from God.

“… Through every change of the seasons of CCS, there is new growth, new opportunity and a bright future that we entrust to the Lord.”

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