Claremore’s Alyssa Poorboy unleashes a high-speed throw during a preseason scrimmage against Grove last June.

A plan is now in place to combat future interferences from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

In response to the growing uncertainty surrounding high school sports, the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association voted 12-0 Thursday to amend its policy that handles school activities interrupted by health concerns or other circumstances.

Games affected by school closings because of COVID-19 can now be rescheduled if possible. This greatly deviates from the previous policy, which required the closed school to forfeit the game(s) in question.

Cancellations will be acceptable if the contests in question won’t affect playoff seedings (i.e. nondistrict games), but all schools “should make all reasonable efforts to reschedule”.

If district games are postponed, the participating schools must agree within 48 hours on an appropriate rescheduling date that remains in the regular season parameters. Sports that might encounter this issue are football, fast-pitch softball (Class 6A-2A), dual wrestling, soccer and spring baseball (6A-2A).

If the teams can’t agree on an rescheduled date and time, the district’s playoff placements will be determined by winning percentages, and marginal points won’t be considered for tiebreakers.

If two or more teams have the same winning percentage, the highest position will be given to the school with the most wins over the other tied teams. If that method doesn’t favor any particular team, the tiebreaker will be decided by lot (i.e. coin toss, drawing).

The same system will be used for the next-highest position and will be repeated until all playoff positions for the district are determined.

Despite these precautions, OSSAA director David Jackson remains optimistic that fall sports will continue unabated.

“It would force us to make some adjustments, and with this situation, we’ve gotta be prepared to make those adjustments,” Jackson told the Tulsa World.

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