High school sports in Oklahoma are inching closer to a summer return.

On Tuesday, Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association executive director David Jackson announced in a letter to member schools that there will be a special board meeting at 9 a.m. Friday that will focus on relaunching prep sports.

The association originally planned to release its phased agenda for restarting athletics on Tuesday but opted to allow its board of directors more time to review the proposal.

Jackson told The Oklahoman last week that though the OSSAA is close to putting the final touches on its strategy, it won’t simply allow schools to start summer activities as normally scheduled on June 1 without strict social distancing guidelines in place.

The plan will be immediately sent to administrators across the state in the event of an approval from the board of directors.

Meanwhile, a tentative plan that will allow limited contact between coaches and athletes beginning on June 1 is still in motion. June 15 is the target date for the opening of weight rooms.

A third phase or date, which has yet to be announced, would come just before the start of the fall semester.

All OSSAA-sanction events have been on standstill since March 26, when the state’s board of education unanimously voted to eradicate in-person classes and contact between students/athletes and teachers/coaches.

“We’re seeing a flattening out, and hopefully we’ll see a decrease in cases and we’ll start to open soon,” Jackson said. “I just hope that we do so responsibly where we’re not just trying to go back to what normal was, and we do this thing carefully. I never want to go through that again where we have to tell kids, ‘You don’t get to play.’”

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