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Claremore boys basketball coach discusses thoughts on the season, as well as why he became a coach and his favorite memory from his career.

1. What are your takeaways from the first five games of the season?

As a staff we are very pleased with our team's chemistry. They are enjoying the success of others as much as their own, making the extra pass and doing whatever it takes to win and get better.

2. With such a long layover, what is our biggest concern for the players as they return to practice?

With a young team, and being quarantined for most of Christmas break, getting

refocused on the goals we set for ourselves back in August. Then we will focus on

getting back into shape and with lots of conditioning and shooting drills.

3. Who among the newcomers has stood out the most in your eyes?

With so many uncertainties we have had several newcomers step-up. A few

newcomers that come to mind are Tanner Steidley, Drake Roark, Michael McHugh, Matthew Strickland, Gannon Sherl and Ethan Farstead just to name a few. Of course key leadership from Caison Hartloff has been very important in our early success.

4. What made you want to become a basketball coach?

I have always had a passion for kids. I love any aspect of teaching accountability and when you mix that in with competition and the ability to teach life skills it makes for a great profession. I have been very blessed to have had great players, parents, administration and family support to do what makes me happy.

5. What is your favorite memory from your coaching career?

Since I started coaching in 2007, I have accumulated several coaching memories that to this day have helped shape my life and who I am. One of my favorite memories includes being in the locker room giving our pregame speech knowing if we win we will go to the state tournament, looking up and seeing not only our team locked in to every word but also my three year old son was a feeling I cannot put into words. We ended up winning that game and sharing our success with the players, families and coaches gave us all such a special bond that we still share today.

-- Kevin Green

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